Exterior Materials Are Going on the First Aerovilla Hangar Home

The First Aerovilla Hangar Home Exterior is Almost Finished

The exterior of our first Aerovilla hangar home is almost finished.  The hangar portion of the Aerovilla is clad in a corrugated metal and has already been completed.  Crews are working hard to install both the stone and the paneling that make up the exterior of the home portion of the Aerovilla.  Check out the materials page for more detail on the materials and where they are used on this hangar home.


What Else is Going On?

Now that the Aerovilla is “dried-in” crews are hard at work in the interior.  Currently, we have electricians, plumbers, AV/ home automation specialists onsite.  They are all working to get their wires, ducts, and pipes in place before the drywall crew comes in to finish up the walls.