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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run my business from the Aerovillas?

Yes!  Certain businesses are allowed at the Aerovillas.  Contact us to find out more.

How many square feet is the hangar? Will it fit my plane?

There is 3750 SF of hangar space in the Aerovillas.  It has a 65′ x 18′ door that can handle planes up to the size of a Pilatus pc-12

Can my plane be fueled and ready with just a phone call?

Yes, we can pull-out and fuel the plane so you are ready to fly.  When you return, just call on the unicom and you can have your plane refueled and pushed back.  All with just a phone call.

Who takes care of the exterior maintenance?

All the exterior landscaping is taken care of.  You are only responsible for the maintenance of the structure of your Aerovilla.

Can I use the hangar to build my own plane?